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What are Pet Emergency Packs? 

A prepacked and portable 72 hour kit in a convenient back pack for your furry friend in the case of an Emergency. Often times many people have an emergency evacuation plan and prepare 72 hour kits for their family members, but don't always remember their pets. Setting an emergency and evacuation plan for your pets is very important and PEP is a great step towards an emergency plan. 

We know pets. In fact the founders of our company are vets! Here's what they have to say about PEP!

With all the natural disasters and problems in the world today, I highly recommend the (PEP) Pet Emergency Pack. We now have a way to keep our animals prepared and ready for the unexpected.
— Dr. Mark Fawcett
“These versatile backpacks, are filled with materials necessary to assist your pet in an emergency situation, but can also serve to carry essentials while hiking, fishing, or camping.”
— Dr. Scott Maxfield
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There's a PEP for every pet.